Fun Fact June 1, 2021.

Tool time Tuesday and a flashback to my youth.  When I was a teenager I worked on my Grandmothers dairy farm with my Uncle George.  In addition to milking cows, cleaning stables, baling hay and fixing equipment, we made stakes and planks for hay wagons and split and cut fence posts.  One of the tools we used was a draw knife.  It’s used to remove the bark from the tree after you’ve cut it down.  The tool has two handles and a very sharp blade typically around eighteen inches long, some longer, some shorter and some curved, depending on what you were using it for.  It’s called a draw knife because to use it you pulled, or draw, it towards you.  In addition to removing bark it is used to taper shingles, shape and size wood.  It’s sometimes used in conjunction with a shave horse, which held the piece of wood you are working on.  The draw knife has been around since the time of the Vikings.