Hanover county needs your help!

Hanover County has entered into an agreement to purchase several properties located on Route 360 in Mechanicsville owned by Linwood P. and Joanne T. Bosher for construction of a new high school and middle school.

During the Phase I Cultural Resource Survey of the properties, an unmarked cemetery was located on one of the properties.

The Cemetery was examined and found to contain the graves of 13 individuals.

The County’s archeological consultant determined that the graves appear to date to the 1800’s, and that no one has been interred in the cemetery for more than 100 years.

This potentially conflicts with the County’s plans for the construction, therefore, Hanover County has filed a Bill in Equity requesting to reinter the remains at Roselawn Memory Gardens.

Because the heirs of the individuals buried in the Cemetery are unknown, the County is required by Virginia Code § 57-38.1 to undertake good faith efforts to locate information on the next of kin.

If you have any information or suggestions about where they can
be found, please contact Rebecca B. Randolph at 804-365-6035.

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FCSO adds clarity to new driving law

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office has been notified of some confusion caused by a recent Virginia driving law change.

The new Virginia Code governs the requirement of motorists to stay in the right lane of a multi-lane highway unless actively passing another motorist.

The code has been confused with another similar Virginia driving law that discusses special regulations applicable to multi-lane highways.

Both laws are listed as traffic infractions and carry a $100 fine.

The department also received questions about driving in the left lane before a turn or exit, they suggest just to use sound judgment.

Do not wait till the last moment but you also should not back up traffic for a few miles while waiting for a turn.

Overall, if someone is behind you and the right lane is open, you must move over.

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