Virginia permit transparency website

Governor Youngkin announced on Friday the Virginia Permit Transparency (VPT) Website to bring more efficiency to the permitting process.

The VPT provides the public with a centralized location to track the daily status and timeline of critical steps for Commonwealth of Virginia’s

Users can search permit applications or filter results by fields such as agency, application number, locality, and more.

VPT can be accessed at Permits.Virginia.Gov.

As of Friday, the permits of three agencies were available on the website: Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Virginia Energy (ENERGY), and the Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC).

Additional agencies will be added in the coming months.

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Gov. Youngkin unveils his 2022 Virginia Energy Plan

An email from Governor Glenn Youngkin unveiled his 2022 Virginia Energy Plan.

While in Lynchburg Oct. 3 Governor Youngkin reveled his intentions for energy sustainability in Virginia.

The Plan focuses on an all of the above approach that harnesses nuclear, natural gas, renewable and new energy sources to satisfy the needs of the state.

The Governor’s plan outlines an increase in nuclear energy as an objective to make Virginia the world’s leading nuclear innovation hub.

Two of the nation’s largest nuclear manufacturing companies are located in  Lynchburg.

Those manufactures offer exciting opportunities to research and develop cutting edge nuclear generation technologies that will create new high paying jobs in the state while delivering reliable energy to Virginians according to House Commerce and Energy Chair Delegate Kathy Byron.

The Governor’s plan does include actions to protect our natural resources including farmland, rivers and streams.

The protections of those natural resources are not specified in the email.

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