Gov. Northam proposes a pay raise for teachers in his Thank You Tour

An email from Governor Northam announced the governor’s Thank You Virginia Tour.

In the email the governor said he will propose a two year state budget next week.

In his budget the governor included a 10 percent pay raise for teachers which is the largest increase in 15 years for teachers.

If approved this would push the teacher’s pay in Virginia above the national average.

The email went on to read of Gov. Norham’s accomplishments in education in his four years as governor.

Noting that more Virginia families have access to early childhood education then ever before.

In the email it was written that more working Virginians can choose a high demand career path due to tuition free community college in certain fields.

The email states that record funding has been made available to K-12 education.

Access to college has been made easier under Gov. Northam as well according to the email.

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