$4 million grant expands Northern Shenandoah Valley’s recycling infrastructure

amanda behan

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced a $4 million grant is coming to Winchester and the Northern Shenandoah Valley to expand recycling infrastructure and waste management systems.

The grant is the largest recycling investment in Virginia in 30 years.

Funding will support three primary objectives:

  • Upgrade tire grinding operations leading to marketable, reusable products¬†
  • Re-establish curbside recycling in towns throughout the region
  • Purchase upgraded recycling receptacles for landfills, convenience sites, and transfer locations to increase recycling capacity and overall operational efficiency.

The project aims to divert 750 tons of tires from landfills and introduce 936 tons of mulched rubber for reuse into the market annually.

Recycling at this magnitude will also result in 11,000 tons diverted from landfills each year and a CO2 emissions reduction of 12.15%.

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