Update and Warning on the Virginia tax rebate

According to the website Virginia Tax Virginians should start seeing a one time rebate by Oct. 31.

The Virginia General Assembly passed a law giving taxpayers without outstanding dept to state agencies a tax rebate.

Be aware scammers have already become aware of the tax rebates and are phishing for information.

Some Virginia taxpayers have already received text that look authentic from the Department of Taxation with a link.

Do not hit the link as the Virginia Department of Taxation has never and will never text taxpayers in this manner.

If you paid your state taxes and qualify an individual is eligible for up to $250.

Joint filers could see up to $500 in a one time rebate.

The rebate is being sent out in the order that a taxpayer filed their return.

Some of those rebates could start arriving as early as Sept. 15.

If you took advantage of the state filing extension of November 1, 2022 you must file by that date to receive the rebate.

If you filed by July 1 your rebate will arrive no later than October 31 if you qualify.

If you received a refund by direct deposit you will likely see the rebate by direct deposit with the description VA DEPT TAXATION VA TX REBATE.

All other eligible taxpayers will receive a paper check by mail.

To check on eligibility and for additional information click here.

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