Middletown secures property for preservation

christmas parade canceled

Middletown announced the purchase and preservation of better than 20 acres of property.

At Middletown’s First Street location Mayor Harbaugh announced the purchase of 20 acres of land by Middletown from the Bernstein Foundation on Oct. 27.

The land was purchased with the intention of preserving the property.

The purchase and preservation effort will prevent the building of 80 new homes in the town.

Thanks to the efforts of the Bernstein Foundation the town was able to purchase the property at a significant discount.

The foundation’s namesake Leo Bernstein had a keen interest in American History and preservation.

The 20 acres of land was added to by generous donations of pieces of property adjunct to the Bernstein property giving Middletown 35 persevered properties within the town limits.

Also at the presentation it was announced that thanks to a generous donation of $100,000.00 by Dave Holliday Construction the Winchester Railroad Club will relocate to Middletown.

Other donors to the Railroad Club cause includes Thomas Lash, Lenny Millholland, Robert Kendall and former Winchester Mayor Larry Omps.

With the funds the town hopes to reconstruct a vintage B&O Train Station that will house a Railroad Club museum.

Additional donations will be graciously accepted to accomplish that goal you can contact the Middletown Government to find out more.

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Va.’s Attorney General Miyares announces Opioid settlement

Virginia’s Attorney General Jason Miyares announced that the Commonwealth has received its first initial payment from an opioid manufacturer.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals is a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson and they have made a payment of $67.4 million which includes approximately $11.3 million for the state, $16.3 million for Virginia localities and $39.8 million for the Opioid Abatement Authority.

Miyares stated that this helps the Commonwealth fight back against the opioid epidemic as well as reduce, prevent and treat addiction.

The settlement also requires Johnson and Johnson to stop selling opioids in the United States.

The settlement also prevents Johnson and Johnson from promoting opioids or funding third parties that promote opioids.

Johnson and Johnson will also be prohibited from lobbying on legislation, regulations or activities related to opioids.

To date Virginia will receive approximately $532.9 million from opioid distributor settlements collectively.

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The latest Lifesaving tip for National Fire Prevention Week

As National Fire Prevention Week continues here is today’s lifesaving safety tip from the Virginia Department of Fire Programs (VDFP).

Today’s tip comes by way of email and concerns closed doors as opposed to open doors.

According to the Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI) closing a door can make a 900 degree difference.

With an open door a room can reach 1,000 degrees where a closed door will only allow the room to reach around 100 degrees.

Make closing a bedroom door a part of your nightly bedtime routine.

Fire needs oxygen to burn and a closed door helps to reduce the oxygen flow to a fire.

For more on the closed door theory visit the FSRI’s website here and close before you doze.

Another lifesaving safety tip will be provided tomorrow as Fire Won’t Wait, Plan Your Escape National Fire Prevention Week concludes.

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Another lifesaving tip during National Fire Prevention Week

Another lifesaving safety tip from the Virginia Department of Fire Programs (VDFP) came in by email for National Fire Prevention Week.

Where approximately 70 percent of Americans have an escape plan, they lack practicing them.

Make sure everyone knows how to escape when the smoke alarm sounds.

It is suggested that you practice escape plans at least twice a year both in the daytime and at night using different exits each time.

Children need to know what to do when they hear the smoke alarm go off.

They should also know how to crawl on the floor and use the back of their hand to ensure the door is not hot and if it is they should learn to use the next best exit.

To conduct such a drill, sound the smoke alarm and start a timer.

Stop the timer when everyone makes it to the designated safe spot.

If everyone makes it out in less than two minutes celebrate if it takes more than two minutes run the drill again.

Remember today’s modern home can burn faster as fire won’t wait, plan your escape week continues with another lifesaving tip tomorrow.

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Berryville receives Virginia funds for Main St. improvements

Governor Glenn Youngkin announced by email that 16 communities will receive a portion of more than $257,000 in Virginia Main Street grants.

The funds are to help communities revitalize historic commercial districts, expand small businesses and bolster local economies through new technology and improved marketing.

Berryville Virginia will receive $7,000 of the funding for their alley revitalization project.

The funds will help Berryville revitalize the alleyway connecting Main Street to a frequently used parking lot and businesses.

The improvements will include cleaning and painting the pavement and the addition of three park benches.

Barriers will be removed and aesthetic planters will be added.

Increased foot traffic is expected as accessibility is improved and aesthetic appeal is added.

All other communities sharing the funding are found here.

To learn more about the Virginia Main Street program and funding click here.

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Virginia opens KAPS program for unclaimed property

Governor Youngkin announced through an email that the Virginia Department of the Treasury Unclaimed Property Division has launched the new KAPS program.

Virginia’s consumer protection law requires businesses to turn unclaimed property over to the state, relieving the business of the financial liability.

Virginia holds that property until the rightful owner or heir files a claim.

Unclaimed property can be securities, investments, unpaid wages, money from insurance policies and other funds.

The KAPS program is offered as an easy way to manage the administration, reporting and claiming of unclaimed property.

The webpage makes it easier for citizens to identify and more quickly claim their unclaimed property.

Access more information at the Department of the Treasury’s website check for a claim here.

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Gov. Youngkin unveils his 2022 Virginia Energy Plan

An email from Governor Glenn Youngkin unveiled his 2022 Virginia Energy Plan.

While in Lynchburg Oct. 3 Governor Youngkin reveled his intentions for energy sustainability in Virginia.

The Plan focuses on an all of the above approach that harnesses nuclear, natural gas, renewable and new energy sources to satisfy the needs of the state.

The Governor’s plan outlines an increase in nuclear energy as an objective to make Virginia the world’s leading nuclear innovation hub.

Two of the nation’s largest nuclear manufacturing companies are located in  Lynchburg.

Those manufactures offer exciting opportunities to research and develop cutting edge nuclear generation technologies that will create new high paying jobs in the state while delivering reliable energy to Virginians according to House Commerce and Energy Chair Delegate Kathy Byron.

The Governor’s plan does include actions to protect our natural resources including farmland, rivers and streams.

The protections of those natural resources are not specified in the email.

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Schools across Virginia receive non-credible threats

Several schools across the Commonwealth received direct calls of active shooter incidents around 3 p.m. Sept. 19.

Those schools included Skyline Middle School, Signal Knob Middle School, Strasburg High School and others.

Out of an abundance of caution all schools involved were placed in lockdown with the threats being deemed not credible after authorities thoroughly investigated.

Students were released at approximately 4 p.m..

Virginia State Police report that at least 5 schools received similar calls at approximately the same time.

Schools in Culpeper, Charlottesville along with Shenandoah, Warren and Mecklenburg Counties all received similar calls.

The calls came from an out of state number with attempts to call the number back could not be completed.

It is believed the calls were an attempt at swatting or spoofing authorities.

Calls that came in to Shenandoah County led to some confusion as School Resource Officers were already at the school and reported no such incidents.

Virginia State Police continue to investigate the situations in all jurisdictions.

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VA. ABC employee pleads guilty to embezzlement and more

New ABC Store

An email from Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority (VAABC) confirms a former employee has pleaded guilty to computer trespass and embezzling inventory charges.

Edgar Smith Garcia 28 of Manassas pleaded guilty in Hanover County Circuit court September 19.

Garcia was a lead ABC sales associate from February 14 to March 25, 2022.

He was found to be passing internal agency information to Robert Adams of Newport News.

Adams was allegedly selling that information to buyers he contacted through online bourbon hunting groups.

Adams is scheduled to appear in court on December 12 in Hanover County.

Virginia State Police Criminal Investigation Division and ABC Authorities conducted an extensive internal review which led to the arrest of the two subjects.

ABC CEO Travis Hill said that new distribution methods have been put in place to close avenues that could provide the possibilities for exploitation in the future.

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VSP/FCSO investigate accidents that shutdown 66 for 8 hours

Virginia State Police (VSP) and Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) report responding to an accident at 8:30 p.m. Sept. 8.

An RV collided with a tractor trailer while both vehicles were traveling east on interstate 66 at mile marker 16.

The impact caused the RV to run off the road through a guardrail and down an embankment.

Further information as the investigation continues reports at least 8 victims in the incident.

Some victims were ejected some were trapped in vehicles.

Virginia State Police confirm at least one person was killed in the accident.

Fauquier County Authorities report being able to clear the scene and restore all lanes of traffic both east and west bound at 4:30 this morning.

During the clean up and response to the incident both east and west bound lanes of 66 were closed and detours were in place for close to 8 hours.

Helicopters were deployed to transport the most critical patients while lower priority patients were transported by ground units.

The Virginia State Police continue to investigate the incident with additional details expected.

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