Sen. Warner and Kaine address the infant formula shortage

An email from Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine addresses the infant formula shortage in Virginia and across the country.

The two Senators and 28 other lawmakers are calling on infant formula manufacturers to make every effort possible to get parents the formula they need.

The lawmakers sent a letter to the President of the Infant Nutrition Council of America asking that the problem be addressed immediately.

According to Warner the shortage is being blamed on the recent recall following contaminated formula from major manufacturer Abbott Nutrition.

That and the supply chain issues are being blamed for the shortage.

Warner also sees adding to the 7 National Food and Drug Administration inspectors as a partial solution.

He also is asking producers to increase their production of formula.

Virginia is looking into possibly importing formula from other sources as well.

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VSP investigate a fatal accident in Fauquier County

International Automotive Components Group

Virginia State Police (VSP) are investigating a two vehicle fatal accident that occurred Sat. May 7 in Fauquier County.

An email from Sergeant Brent Coffey confirms that Miss. Shenandoah County Fair 2015 and 2016’s Miss. Virginia Association of Fairs Pageant winner Jensen B. Hoover was killed in the accident.

The VSP investigation indicates that Hoover’s vehicle traveling east on Route 50 in Fauquier County crossed the double yellow center line and collided head on with a vehicle heading west.

The 29 year old Hoover from Winchester suffered life threatening injuries and was transported to Winchester Medical Center.

It was at the hospital where she succumbed to her injuries and passed away.

The unidentified 34 year old driver of the west bound vehicle from Upperville suffered life threatening injuries and transported to INOVA Hospital in Fairfax.

Three children in the Upperville vehicle were also transported to the hospital with life threatening injuries.

The three children include a 5 year old female an 11 year and a 12 year old male.

All involved in the accident were wearing their safety belts.

The accident remains under investigation.

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VA. Tourism receives $2.7 million in funding

An email from Governor Youngkin announced that the Virginia Tourism Corporation will receive $2.7 million to bolster regional tourism.

The funds will be shared by 259 local and regional tourism marketing programs across the state.

The money is to help increase visitation and revenue for Virginia localities through tourism.

Shenandoah County confirmed in an email the reception of  $20,000 of those funds to be used to support Trail Treks and Road Rides in the George Washington National Forest.

An email from Shenandoah University (SU) confirms reception of  $10,000 worth of funding.

SU will use the money for its Summer Music Theatre (SMMT) along with $11,000 in matching funds from the George Washington Hotel and the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley.

The matching funds will also be helped with the support of several Winchester restaurants to encourage patrons of SU’s SMMT to extend their stay in the area.

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Jury trail begins today 4/12 in Depp Heard case in Fairfax

According to ABC News a  jury of seven people plus four alternates was selected yesterday Apr. 11 to hear a libel lawsuit Johnny Depp filed against his ex wife Amber Heard.

Heard is accused of falsely portraying Depp as a domestic abuser.

Depp sued Heard over an op-ed piece she wrote in the Washington Post in 2018 in which Heard refers to herself as a public figure representing domestic abuse.

The article doesn’t mention Depp by name but he says it clearly refers to allegations Heard made in other forums that she suffered physical abuse at his hands.

Depp denies the accusations.

More than a dozen women some waving signs saying Justice for Johnny joined other fans waving pirate flags in recognition of Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean movie role.

The courtroom in the City of Fairfax was closed to the public Monday with limited closed circuit access in an overflow courtroom.

People lined up before 7 a.m. for the wristbands granting access.

Both Depp and Heard were in attendance but court personnel brought them in and out utilizing special access.

The judge has imposed a series of access rules to try and maintain decorum in the courthouse.

A smaller jury is typical for civil trials in Virginia opening statements are expected today.

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Gov. Youngkin signs a law to protect dogs and cats

An email from Governor Glenn Youngkin confirms the signing of a bill to ban experimentation on dogs and cats.

The bill prohibits the sale of dogs or cats for experimental purposes and penalizes animal cruelty.

This bill amends the comprehensive animal care law to include cats and breeders of cats.

The law prohibits  any person or entity that breeds dogs or cats from the importation or sale of dogs or cats by anyone with certain federal animal welfare act violations.

In the governor’s words the bill protects and ensures the welfare standards and saves lives giving Virginia the authority to take action when violations occur.

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Authorities across VA. investigate several bomb threats

Several sources report bomb threats at schools across Virginia on Fri. Apr. 1.

The Winchester Police Department (WPD)  and Winchester Fire and Rescue responded to a bomb threat at John Handley High School Friday.

After a thorough investigation it was determined to be a non credible threat.

Several schools in the state received similar threats.

Broadway High School and Bridgewater College had reports of suspicious packages being at the schools.

After investigations all threats were determined to be a hoax the all clear was given by authorities and schools resumed normal operation.

There was no evacuation deemed necessary at any of the schools at anytime.

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DMV can deliver vital Virginia records

commercial license renewal

A news release from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (VDMV) announced the availability of vital records.

Virginia birth, death,  marriage and divorce certificates can now be obtained through DMV connect.

Though VDMV’s partnership with the Virginia Department of Health’s (VDH) division of vital records those services are now available.

Customers can complete an application and pay a $14 fee at any full service DMV customer service center.

Vital records can be printed on the spot at the center.

Documents requested on line at DMV Now or DMV connect will be mailed by Virginia Department of Health.

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VA and West VA Attorney Generals joining multistate lawsuit

Attorney Generals from both Virginia and West Virginia are joining the multistate lawsuit challenging the

transportation mask mandates on airplanes and other public transportation. Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is

leading the multistate action and asking for the mask mandate to be dropped and for permanent injunction against

enforcement. Along with counterparts in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi,

Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Utah.

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Gov. Youngkin signs legislation to cut car tax rates locally

An email from Governor Glenn Youngkin confirms that he signed legislation empowering localities to cut car tax rates.

His signature on the legislation empowers localities to cut car tax rates and prevent huge tax hikes.

Prior to the bill’s passage car tax rates could not be lower than the general rate of personal property.

That prevented car taxes from being cut.

Now that the bill has been signed, in the governor’s words it is now up to local leaders to step up and fight inflation with real tax relief.

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NWS warns of enhanced fire risk in VA.

The National Weather Service warns that low humidity and high winds of gust up to 30 miles per hour over the last couple of days will enhance fire risk.

Fires have been reported in several areas of Virginia over the last couple of days with many pushed by the current conditions.

Caution is advised when handling any machinery and be sure to  properly dispose of  any smoking materials.

The current conditions enhance the risk of a fire making it hard to control and difficult to contain.

Burn laws in Virginia remain in effect until Apr. 30.

Until then outdoor fires before 4 p.m. are discouraged.

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