VSP escort U.S. Army Sgt. Knauss to Arlington to overwhelming support

Virginia State Police (VSP) escorted the motorcade of fallen U.S. Army Sergeant Ryan Knauss through the state.

Sergeant Knauss of Tennessee was one of the 13 killed in Afghanistan on Aug.26.

All the way to Arlington National Cemetery hundreds of citizens law enforcement and first responders lined the interstates.

Almost every overpass held citizens paying their final respects as well.

Sheriff Carter of Shenandoah County meet the group at a gas stop in Toms Brook.

Sheriff Carter reported that he was told by one of the motorcade’s deputies that they were struck by the outpouring of support.

A funeral service member told Carter that he would defiantly tell the Knauss Family about the support once they reached his final destination in Arlington.

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