Youngkin asks colleges to flatten tuition

Ten Commonwealth colleges have answered Governor Glenn Youngkin’s request to flatten tuition costs this fall.

This effort attempts to help students, parents, and families impacted by inflation.

So far, Virginia Commonwealth University, James Madison University and a few others have frozen their rates.

Some schools like Virginia Tech and the College of William and Mary were not planning a tuition increase this fall.

The University of Virginia is the lone institution that refused the request citing a potential loss of $7.5 million to which Youngkin pointed out the school’s $2 billion budget.

Some schools are already planning to raise fees and cost of room and board next year.

Another plan includes a one time scholarship for in-state students to cover increases for next year while out-of-state and graduate students will pay an increased rate.

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Shooting in Blacksburg leaves 1 dead 4 injured

Before midnight last night, Blacksburg Police responded to a shots fired report at a hookah lounge.

One person was killed and four others were injured including one Virginia Tech student.

The injured individuals were transported to the hospital and the extent of their injuries is unknown.

The names of the victims have not been released and the investigation is still ongoing.

No arrests have been announced at the moment but authorities were pursuing up to four suspects.

The campus ended lock-down orders at 3:18 AM but urged students to avoid downtown.

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