Warren County Board of Supervisors announce a tax adjustment

Warren County Virginia new logo used by permission by Warren County Director of Technology Todd Jones

The Warren County Board of Supervisors (WCBS) announced that they authorized the County Administrator to advertise a real estate tax of 54 cents from the previous 49 cents.

That adjustment is a 10 percent increase.

The personal property tax rate will raise 9 percent to $4.36 from $4.00.

Funding of the police fire and rescue was the reason sighted by several supervisors.

Public safety and public-school needs are a top priority in this situation.

North River District Supervisor Rich Jamieson put it in perspective in the email release stating that it is a highly unusual situation with revenue going down while inflationary pressures are driving costs up.

Jamieson went on to say that the board is facing a wider gap that poses higher challenges than normal when it comes to public safety according to the email.

Warren County has not had a real estate tax increase since 2019.

A public hearing on the matter has been announced for April 9 at the Warren County Government Center with additional details to come.

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