WCBS issues a statement on the Jennifer McDonald sentencing

Warren County Virginia new logo used by permission by Warren County Director of Technology Todd Jones

The Warren County Board of Supervisors (WCBS) issued a statement on the May 29 sentencing of Jennifer McDonald.

The board remarked that they are glad to see this chapter of a very sad and deceitful book ending with justice served.

McDonald will see 14 years in prison beginning June 24 when she is expected to self-report for her sentence.

The delay is to allow her to receive the medical treatment she needs and is not available in prison.

Judge Elizabeth Dillion is recommending that McDonald serve her time at Camp Anderson the minimum-security facility for woman in West Virginia.

McDonald has also been ordered to pay $2.7 million in restitution to the Warren County Economic Development Authority.

WCBS chair Cheryl Cullers said the board looks forward to putting the issue behind the county and move  forward in a positive direction.

The Board’s Vice Chair Jay Butler said this is a tragedy that needs to be put behind us and we must come together as a community to overcome the financial challenges from the mess convicted felon McDonald has placed upon us.

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