News Maker Lt. Robbie Seal of WCSO on their help with Camping for Hunger

Collections for the River 953 Camping for Hunger Campaign have begun and the Warren County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) is making it easier to donate.

This year as last year the bus is at the station at 1106 Elm Street in Front Royal.

However if you can’t make it to the station to drop off WCSO will make themselves available for pick up of donations.

We spoke to Lt. Robbie Seal of the WCSO about a plan to actually meet you for donation drop off in our latest News Maker.

The good news is brought to you by the town of Front Royal.

Robbie will make himself and the WCSO van available for donation pick up at the convenience centers throughout Warren County.

Listen for times and locations for drop off very soon here on the River 953 and Sports Talk 1450 and thank you for the support of C-CAP and your neighbors in need.

Locations and times will be posted soon here.

Robbie tells us how this idea came about and what to look for in our interview.

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