Warren County Parks and Recreation unveils new mascot

Warren County Parks and Recreation announced the newest and wildest addition to their team, Warren!

Warren is the department’s new mascot and he is a Black Bear from the Blue Ridge Mountains.

He loves watching humans play and go on adventures throughout the Valley, making him a perfect fit for Parks and Rec.

The other bears would tease him when he would try to play baseball with a stick and walnuts, or ball up an opossum to try to play basketball.

He even learned to swim and became the first bear lifeguard of the mountains.

Warren made his first appearance at the Festival of Leaves.

You can find him during Wednesday’s with Warren on Warren County Parks and Recreation’s Facebook page.

Make sure to say hello and make Warren feel welcome if you see him out and about in the community.

You can’t miss him as he will be the only bear walking around in a vest and green hat!

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Celebrate kids day rain or shine

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The Warren Coalition and Warren County Parks and Recreation are celebrating our community rain or shine.

Many of the activities schedule for Sunday, September 24th,  were able to be moved inside the 15th Street gym.

There will be pumpkin painting, inflatables, a cake walk and music to name a few activities.

The pitch burst will still be operating outside.

The rain should taper off, so the petting zoo and pony rides are as scheduled.

Up to date information can be found on the here.

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