A warning of tainted dog treats on the Appalachian Trail

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is reporting a warning for hikers at the Northern end of the Appalachian Trail (AT).

Reportedly a hiker found dog treats stuffed with fishhooks near the George W. Outerbridge shelter of the AT.

The area of concern is in the Lehigh Gap portion of the AT.

That is in the northern end of the AT and there are people in our area that can and will hike to that section.

The tainted treats were found near the North Trail Loop leading to the shelter on State Game Lands near Washington Township in Lehigh County Pennsylvania.

Hikers need to be vigilant and keep an eye out while hiking with their dog in all parts of the trail.

These tainted treats could prove deadly to not only dogs but wildlife as well.

The treats pictured here look to be pig in a blanket style dog treats.

The nature preserve that controls the part of the trail where the treats were found did collect some of them.

The AT passes through Virginia with almost 2,200 miles of trail.

The AT extends from Georgia to Maine and could contain more hidden dangers.

Should you find these tainted treats collect them and notify local authorities or rangers.

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