Extreme Drought Warning For Shenandoah Valley

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The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued an extreme drought warning for the Shenandoah Valley.

This is due to high temperatures and minimal rain.

Low river levels, stunted crop growth, and well-below normal precipitation levels have occurred amidst the drought.

Towns like Warren County, Fauquier County, and Strasburg are under mandatory water conservation efforts.

To conserve water, take shorter showers, water plants only when necessary, and use dish washer only when full.

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Weatherwise, September 2023…The Valley is under a Drought Warning! What does that mean to you and your family?

It’s hurricane season and we’re in the thick of it, what’s a storm surge, we’ll give a listen to the other side of the climate change argument and Virginia is under a Drought Warning…what does that mean to you?


River Report: 8-7-23

In this edition of the Shenandoah River Report, Mark Frondorf has an update on river levels, algal blooms, and reminds everyone to conserve water! Brought to you by Front Royal Outdoors. As Summer starts to wind down, visit FRO and let Don Roberts get you out on the South Fork for some fun and adventure! For more, log onto https://frontroyaloutdoors.com


Strasburg declares a drought watch

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The Town of Strasburg declared a drought watch and is encouraging voluntary water conservation measures.

The low river flow levels caused the town to follow the drought response plan as outlined by the Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Water Supply and the Virginia Water Protection withdrawal permit issued by the Department of Environmental Quality.

All citizens including those with a private well are encouraged to reduce water consumption.

Some measures recommended include reducing or eliminating outside watering, avoiding washing cars, limiting showers to 5 to 10 minutes per person, and only running the dishwasher when its full among other water conservation methods.

There are more water saving methods found here.

Monitor the Town’s social media and website regarding the status of the drought watch.

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Frederick County Recycling Annual Rain Barrel Sale

Frederick County Recycling will hold its annual Rain Barrel Sale from 8 a.m. to noon on Fri., April 1 at the Stephenson Citizens’ Convenience Site, 235 Hot Run Drive. The location is directly next to the Stonewall Park Ballfields along Stephenson Road. 55-gallon recycled plastic rain barrels come complete with an insect screen, lid, overflow hose and easy set-up instructions. Barrels sell for $60 each payable on the day of the event by cash or check.

“Frederick County’s annual barrel sales provide area gardeners the opportunity to conserve a valuable natural resource at an affordable price,” said Gloria Puffinburger, Frederick County’s solid waste manager. “Plants and lawns actually prefer rainwater to treated water. Rain barrels lessen the demand on our central water system and wells during dry, summer months.”

No reservations please. Barrels will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

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Front Royal request water conservation

The town of Front Royal is asking town water customers to voluntarily conserve water.

Asking residents to reduce water consumption as much as possible due to low river levels.

The town offers some conservation tips at their website frontroyalva.com.

You can contact the town’s water treatment plant with any questions as well as additional water conservation tips at (540) 636-7474.

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