Shenandoah Swift Water Rescue receive a needed donation

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A social media post from Massanutten River Adventures announced the donation of a much needed raft to Shenandoah Swift Water Rescue.

Shenandoah Swift Water Rescue is a part of Shenandoah Volunteer Fire Company who were in need of a new raft to replace their 12 year old one which was struggling to stay afloat.

Massanutten River Adventures basically suspended rafting as part of their adventures because of the pandemic and the lack of rain.

The river is best for rafting when the river is higher and the lack of rain has basically left canoeing and kayaking as the best adventures currently.

With that, Massanutten River Adventures donated one of their 12 man rafts to Swift Water Rescue.

A raft of the type donated can run up to $1,000 used up to $5,000 new.

A raft can be deployed quickly by a couple of men and can save precious seconds in a rescue.

Swift Water Rescue is based out of Shenandoah Volunteer Fire Company with specially trained volunteers for such rescues.

The team will assist Page and Rockingham Counties with rescues from waterways and flooded roadways as well.

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