Front Royal Water & Sewer Department testing

The Town of Front Royal Water & Sewer Department will be testing sanitary sewer pipes and storm sewer pipes September 21, through October 29, 2021 The work is scheduled between 7 am and 5 pm, weather permitting.  Door hangers will be hung weekly to inform residents of the testing in their area.  The tests will be conducted using smoke. The smoke should not enter the premises unless a leak is present. Smoke may enter your home or business through a washer discharge pipe, bathrooms that are seldom used and basement floor drains. If smoke enters your home or business, immediately open doors and windows and turn on all bathroom exhaust fans and the kitchen range hood. This will help dissipate the smoke quicker. To minimize the chance of smoke entering your home, please pour at least a gallon of water into all drains, including floor drains, prior to the date of the test. The presence of smoke in your home should be reported immediately to Public Works at 635-7819, Monday-Friday 7am-3:30 pm. If after-hours, call the Front Royal Police Non emergency number, 635-2111.