WCPS addresses vape found on a school bus issue

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On September 22 Warren County Middle School (WCMS) was notified by the Warren County Public Transportation Department that a vape was found on a school bus.

Through analysis by a School Resource Officer, it was determined that the vape was suspected to contain THC/Marijuana ingredients.

Further investigation determined the identity of the student that brought the vape onto the bus.

WCMS administration will take appropriate action as that investigation continues.

In a letter to parents of students in WCMS Principal Chris Johnston addressed the situation.

In the letter, Johnston asked parents and guardians to have a talk with their student about vaping and its impact.

The principle went on to remind parents to remind their students that if they see something say something.

Johnston also referenced a free webinar available about Adolescent Drug Use and trends.

Johnston went on to say that this type of activity would not be tolerated at WCMS.

Any questions on the subject should be directed to Warren County Middle School Principal Dr. Chris Johnston at 540-635-2194.

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