Winchester Fire and Rescue receive Firehouse Subs funding

Drew DeHaven

Winchester Fire and Rescue Department (WFRD) announced that they are the recipient of funds from Firehouse Subs.

WFRD has received over $16,000 in Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation funds.

The WFRD used those funds to purchase new multi gas meters to be used in their front line apparatus.

Multi gas meters are used to detect various toxic gases in a location.

These meters are especially useful in tight locations.

Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation awards funding quarterly to help provide safety organizations the equipment they need to help save lives.

Find out more about the foundation the equipment that they help to provide and how you can help with the effort here.

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WFRD offers home safety assessments

Drew DeHaven

An email from the City of Winchester announced that Winchester Fire and Rescue Department’s (WFRD) Community Risk Reduction Division (CRRD) is offering safety assessments.

The programs are for older adults to prevent the most common causes of injury and loss, fires and falls.

The main purpose of the CRRD is to prevent common incidents that require emergency medical or fire suppression services.

Members of the CRRD are able to offer in home life safety assessments as well as in group presentations.

CRRD hopes to identify elements that might cause a hazard.

Senior living facilities and organizations are encouraged to take advantage of the assessments and presentations.

If you or someone you know could benefit from an assessment or presentation contact the WFRD at (540) 662-2298.

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