Fun Fact February 11, 2022.

Have you ever seen one in the wild?  A friend of mine is a outdoorsman and frequently hikes the many trails in our area.  He is usually armed, with a camera, and takes some awesome pictures which he shares on social media.  He recently posted a picture of an American Mink.  He had seen this one before but was not able to get a good photo, apparently the little bugger is camera shy.  According the Chesapeake Bay dot net wild American minks are always a dark brown or black with a small white patch on their chin and sometimes a white spot on their chest. Minks have long bodies and short legs, similar to weasels. Their partially webbed feet help them swim.  Mink hunt muskrats, rabbits, birds, frogs, fish, crayfish and insects. During the winter, they sometimes kill more than they need and stock food in their dens. Minks can climb trees and swim underwater to catch prey.  Birds of prey, bobcats, foxes and coyotes will hunt young mink. Once they reach maturity, minks are rarely hunted because they are well camouflaged, sneaky, and readily defend themselves.  Minks will purr like a cat when they are happy and hiss when they feel threatened.  Minks can spray a foul-smelling odor when alarmed.  Listen to the podcast here;