Fun Fact January 6, 2022.

You’ll shoot your eye out!  You probably heard that line over the holidays, if you watched the movie “A Christmas Story.” Ralphie wanted a BB gun.  The other day my youngest, Levi, asked me what BB stood for and I didn’t have an answer, but now I do.  The term “BB” is designated as a certain size of led shot, or ball, in a shotgun shell.  The “BB” size originally was about .186 of an inch.  I say “about” because the production standards weren’t as high back in the day.  Today the typical BB is .177, which is plenty big enough to shoot your eye out.  The very first time I fired a BB gun, the BB ricocheted off the target, flew back and hit me in the forehead.  I just went and got a drink from the water hose and then went back to target practice.  Ah, good times.  Listen to the podcast here;