Fun Fact January 19, 2022.

Are you a chionophobic?  According to Very Well Mind dot com, chionophobia is a type of phobia categorized as an environmental phobia, in particular an intense fear of snow.  According to the American Meteorological Society, environmental phobias like chionophobia are the second most prevalent phobia subtype.  Chionophobia is not just a dislike of snow or a rational fear of severe weather forecasts.  It is an irrational fear of snow that is typically linked to a fear of death or bodily harm. Though phobias can and do manifest themselves differently in different people’s experiences, there are typically two primary fears behind chionophobia: the fear of becoming snowbound and the fear of being stranded in snow.  For people with true chionophobia, the mere forecast of a winter storm or snowfall can induce physiological symptoms of fear and anxiety-like cold sweats, panic attacks, and even an unrealistic feeling of doom and dread.  The best methods for coping with the fear of snow depend on the severity and the level of impact that your fear has on your life.  If your fear is severe or life-limiting seek the guidance of a trained mental health professional.  Listen to the podcast here;