Fun Fact September 30, 2021.

Earlier this week we talked about milkshakes, in particular malted milkshakes.  Malt was created by a London pharmacist named James Horlick.  Malt is a mixture of malted barley and wheat flour.  His creation didn’t catch on in England, so he moved to the United States and joined his brother, William, in Racine Wisconsin.  In 1873, the brothers formed J & W Horlicks to manufacture their brand of infant food in nearby Chicago. Ten years later, they earned a patent for a new formula enhanced with dried milk. The company originally marketed its new product as “Diastoid”, but trademarked the name “malted milk” in 1887.  Despite its origins as a health food for infants and invalids, malted milk found unexpected markets. Explorers appreciated its lightweight, nonperishable, nourishing qualities, and they took malted milk on explorations worldwide. William Horlick became a patron of Antarctic exploration, and Admiral Richard E. Byrd named the Horlick Mountains, a mountain range in Antarctica, after him. Back in the US, people began drinking Horlick’s new beverage for enjoyment. Listen to the podcast here;