Clarke County replaces historic White Post

The historic White Post in Clarke County at the intersection of White Post and Berrys Ferry Road has been replaced following the May 9th car accident that took down the previous post.

Clarke County was helped by master builder Donnie Carver of White Post Restorations to rebuild the famous marker just as he has done 15 times over the past 44 years.

Carver said a new post takes about 40 hours to build and install along with directional signs and the lantern on top.

The interior of the post is carved out to include a spot for the Clarke County Sesquicentennial time capsule from 1986.

The first step to restoration is harvesting a yellow locust tree from George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate.

The yellow locust is always the core of the post to acknowledge Washington’s impact on the area including placing the original post when he was a young surveyor to guide travelers to the home of Lord Fairfax.

Due to the White Post’s placement in two National Register of Historic Places districts, the post must be rebuilt and placed in the same spot, no matter how many times it is hit.

To view Clarke County’s pictures of the installation, click here.

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