Fun Fact October 15, 2021.

Hey Boo Boo, I see a picnic basket!  The other day on my way home I saw a small Black Bear cross the road in front of me.  He looked to be a yearling, probably just out on his own.  This time of year you’ll no doubt have more black bear sightings as they are moving looking for stuff to eat and build up their reserves for the long, cold winter.  According to the Wildlife Center of Virginia,   Black Bears are found throughout the state, and may even be seen in some suburban and urban locations. The bear population is estimated 17,000 bears in the state.  If you’d prefer not to see them make sure you keep your trash in a shed or bear proof container.  They also enjoy the food you put out for birds and if you have pets, store their food inside too.  A bear will stop by and clean your grill for you, if you don’t burn it a while after use to get rid of the excess grease. They also like compost piles and gardens.  Don’t throw meat scraps outside, that’s an official invitation in the bears mind.  And finally, bears do like beehives, partly for the honey, but mostly for the bee larve inside the hive.  Protect your  hives with an electric fence, if possible.  If a bear finds food at your house, you’ll be a regular stop on their rounds.  For more information visit Wildlife Center dot org.    Listen to the podcast here;