SU, BC and Grottoes mourn the loss of fallen heroes

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Social post from Shenandoah University, Bridgewater College and town of Grottoes shows support for the two fallen officers in Tues. Feb. 1’s shooting at Bridgewater College.

SU posted that J. J. Jefferson was an employee of the school from 2012 to 2018 winning a Wilkins Award back in 2017.

Grottoes mourns the loss of it’s former Police Chief in John Painter.

ABC news reports their assailant made his first court appearance yesterday with his lawyer asking that he be mentally evaluated before his next court appearance Feb. 16.

The suspect in the shooting according to ABC is a former track and field athlete for Bridgewater as well as a college dropout.

The former student has in the past had problems at the school before the shooting incident according to ABC news.

Bridgewater College has suspended all school activities including classes until at least Feb. 7.

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