VDOF and Fire Marshals across the region warn of dry conditions and fireworks

Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF)  and Fire Marshals across the region are recommending caution when using fireworks on this Independence Day.

Dry conditions are causing a significant hazard this season.

Last year Winchester’s Fire Marshal’s Office reports by email they investigated 3 incidents and 11 complaints of illegal use of fireworks.

Nationwide there were almost 10,000 people treated for fireworks related injuries and 8 deaths according to the email.

This year both the Fire Marshals office and Winchester Police Department will be adding patrols and enforcement of illegal fireworks activity.

If convicted the penalty for possession and use of illegal fireworks is a $2,500 fine and or a year in jail.

It is recommended you enjoy public fireworks displays of which there are many across the entire Shenandoah Valley.

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