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Thank You Vets…and Court-Martialing The Generals

11 November 2016 Views From The Booth Sports

Spc. Mitchell Eidsvold (left), Spc. Michael Hons (center), and Sgt. Scott Jenson (right) of the 191st Military Police Company race towards the finish line of the Fallen Soldiers Memorial 12K run, while wearing full combat equipment and carrying the American Flag. The run took place in Devils Lake, N.D., June 23, 2012.

Greetings again from The Booth!

What a week for the USA, as millions of Americans took part in the political process of choosing a new President. It was an historic night, as many of us stayed up into the wee hours to see the result. About half of us were pleased with the result, and half of us were not. Whichever side of the fence you were on , you are to be commended for going to the polling places of your choosing, and being part of the process. Our democratic form of government does not work unless you take part, so thank you!

We live in a country where dissenting views matter. The idea that those who didn’t vote one way or another are morons (or other vile names that were spewed on social media during the campaign) is disappointing to me.  Ultimately we all must come together and find common ground, or we will not survive as a nation. Let’s listen  more and talk less…

Of course, we would not be able to enjoy the freedoms we have if not for our veterans.  On this Veterans Day, we say thanks to those who have put their lives on the line so that we can vote, speak freely, even protest.  Please make a point of attending a ceremony today, or just say thanks to a “vet” for their service.

Now, from the voting booth to the broadcast booth. The Shenandoah Hornets take to the road this weekend to the beautiful campus of Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Va.  Both teams had their NCAA & ODAC chances dashed last week, with Shenandoah losing to Hampden-Sydney, and the Generals falling to Bridgewater. As Hornet Head Coach Scott Yoder said this week, “this week’s game will be a contest between our sports psychologist and theirs.”

According to the weekly game notes handed to me on Wednesday when I’m on campus, there is actually a scenario whereby the Hornets could win the ODAC and play in the NCAA, but I have a better chance of reading tea leaves than I have of figuring that out. It depends on an SU win and several other things happening that are out of Shenandoah’s control.  Obviously. this all starts with a Shenandoah win.

What I see as the key matchup of the game is the Generals running game, one of the best in the nation, against the Hornets run defense. Shenandoah has had trouble this season stopping the run, as opposing running backs have had field days against an undersized d-line. In addition, young SU linebackers have been pressed into duty and have been learning on the fly.

This will be a game where the Hornets will have to “outscore” W&L, as opposed to a defensive battle. I have a “head” prediction vs “heart” prediction, and I think I’ll go with the heart and say Hornets 31, Generals 30.

Hopefully, the planets line up, and we’re talking about an extra SU game in next week’s Views From The Booth…

Until next week, thank you veterans, and GO HORNETS!!!!!








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