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12 May 2017 Views From The Booth Sports

Greetings from The Booth!

We head into the weekend with a few tidbits. First, it will be an anxious weekend for the Shenandoah University baseball team, as they await an at-large bid into the NCAA tournament. The Hornets are currently ranked 8th in the country in both D-3 polls, and their body of work should get them in, but until it’s official, it’s “pins and needles” for Kevin Anderson’s 36-8 squad. I think they’re in, but we’ll have to wait until Monday morning to find out.

Have you seen this movie before? The Washington Capitals are out of the NHL Playoffs in the second round (again), after losing to nemesis Pittsburgh in another heartbreaking Game 7.  Bill Murray wasn’t at the game, but it feels like the movie Groundhog Day. Maybe we’ll keep reliving this scenario until the Stanley Cup comes to DC.  I fear, however, that the window of opportunity has just slammed onto our fingers.

And I wanted to share my result in the recent Apple Blossom 10-K race. My goal was to break 60-minutes, and I far exceeded that goal with a time of 54:56, good for 435th out of over 1100 runners. It’s a great feeling to do the work, and see the result.

Now, for today’s headline topic. Sunday is Mother’s Day, and last year I wrote a blog post honoring all Moms generally, and mine specifically. You can revisit that post if you’d like. But I do want to say a few “thank you’s” to my Mom in the context of athletics. There are so many more beyond my sporting life, but for the purposes of this blog, here goes:

Thank you, Mom, for my love of reading. I remember fondly those Summer trips each Monday to the Martinsburg Public Library (and those fabulous donuts!), where we had to pick out 3 books each week. Later in life I would expand my horizons to include H.G. Wells and Ernest Hemingway, but as a young boy I usually picked out books about baseball and football, fueling my love for sports.

Thank you, Mom, for all of those trips to Coaches Supply, the local sporting goods store, and the countless tube socks, gym bags, Converse All-Stars, mouth guards, baseball gloves, and football equipment. Even when money was tight, I usually had the top of the line stuff.

Thank you, Mom, for always having my uniform clean and pressed before every game. Some kids looked like they slept in their uniforms, but I always felt like the best player on the field, because I looked the part.

Thank you, Mom, for all those Monday trips to MHS because I left my golf clubs at home on match day. It couldn’t have been easy carrying that heavy bag into the school office.

And thank you, Mom, for saving all those clippings of my sports accomplishments and the memorabilia. Thanks to you, I can still relive my past glories. And, my MHS letter jacket still hangs proudly in my closet.  Although I don’t remember you being able to see me run the mile or pitch a shutout, I know you were my biggest supporter.

I just read a stat that the average American will spend about $180 on Mothers Day this year. Looking back, that seems like a pretty good deal to me…

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY from The Booth!














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