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The Art of the Remote

21 April 2017 Views From The Booth Sports

Greetings from The Booth!

Another big DC sports weekend is on tap as the Capitals appear to have righted their ship in their playoff series against the Leafs, the Nats head to New York (Mets) with a 4-game win streak, and those surprising Wizards have a 2-0 lead in their playoff series with the Hawks.  With rain in our forecast this weekend, sounds like I’ll be in the easy chair…

Oh, and if you haven’t been tracking the progress of the new Events Center construction over at Shenandoah University, you owe it to yourself. The new structure looms behind Shentel Stadium and looks awesome. I cannot wait for the finished product, and am looking forward to announcing the basketball starting lineups in the new facility. Glance over toward the stadium next time you’re tooling by the campus on I-81.

Back to the Nats, my friend Scott Snapp treated me to a Nationals game last Saturday and I had a great time as I always do at Nats Park.  However, as I climb up on the soapbox, I have a hard time understanding the “days off” strategy of manager Dusty Baker. No less than 3 Nats regulars were out of the lineup last Saturday. Never mind that I only go to a few games every year and want to see what many call the best lineup in baseball. These guys have half the year off, and spend training camp in Florida, for cryin’ out loud! As Jason Werth said this week, every game matters.

Now, on to today’s topic.  This past Wednesday was the perfect storm of DC sports: The Capitals were in playoff action in a must-win game 4 in Toronto. The Nationals were in Atlanta for game 2 of a series against the hated Braves. And The Wizards were trying to take a 2-0 lead in their series against the aforementioned Hawks.  What do do?

As I don’t have 3 TVs in my living room, a strategy had to be devised. First, I prioritized the sporting events. At the top of the totem pole were the Capitals. They were in a do-or-die playoff battle against the upstart Leafs. Plus, they started at 7pm, so my major focus to start would be the Caps.

Next in terms of priority were the Nats. I know it’s only an April game, but I love  my Nationals and baseball in general. So, with any luck whatsoever, the first period of the Caps game would be ending about the time the Nats & Bravos would be taking the field.

At the bottom of the list were the Wizards. I love what the ‘Zards have been doing this year, but on this night, they would have to take a back seat. For the majority of the Wizards-Hawks game I used the feature on my remote menu that allows me to look at a real-time score, while watching my primary event.

With my priorities in line, it was back and forth most of the evening. When the Caps game went to a commercial break, I took a quick glance at the Nats, while occasionally checking the Wizards real-time score.  Luck was with me, as the Nats were in the process of routing Atlanta 14-4, which allowed me the luxury of concentrating solely on the Capitals and Wizards.

The challenge came when it looked like the Zards and Caps were going to end at about the same time. With both games in the balance, it was a frantic back and forth the rest of the night. It all ended well, and I got to see the endings of both those games.

All-in-all, a great night for DC sports, as all 3 teams were victorious, and my remote was workin’ overtime.

Oh, and please don’t mention DVR. I’m still trying to figure out how to stop my VCR from blinking 12 o’clock…

That’s it from the booth! Until next time, GO DC teams, and GO HORNETS!






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