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The Dumpster Fire Rages On

4 May 2018 Views From The Booth Sports

Greetings, and Happy Bloom from the Booth!

As I write this week’s post, the 91st Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival is underway and it’s time to party! The Bloom got off to a great start last weekend at the Oldies Rock n Roll Dance, which I emceed. The Clarion was rockin’ with Rick K & The Allnighters, featuring the so-called “Mad Drummer”, Steve Moore, who is nationally known (and was born in Elkins, WV!). I’ll say this: the nickname fits.

Shenandoah University is very much a part of this year’s festival, as many of the events have been moved to the beautiful Wilkins Center on campus.  That showplace has replaced the big festival tent, so no more wind, cold, and mud! And SU gets to put it’s best face on for the community.

All is right with the Nats, as they are currently on a 5-game win streak, and hopefully will get help from the Murphy-Eaton-Rendon cavalry sometime soon.  And, good luck to the Hornet baseball team this weekend as they compete in the ODAC Tournament.

The Washington Redskins organization continues to prove on a regular basis that they are a raging dumpster fire, taking one step forward and two steps back time and time again. This week, the New York Times reported that in 2013, Redskins cheerleaders were required to take part in a topless photo shoot, as “fat cat” male sponsors looked on.  Following the shoot, several cheerleaders were forced to escort said sponsors on a party yacht.  And, although nothing of a sexual nature took place, one cheerleader said that she felt like she was being “pimped out” by the team.

As Dylan, my morning show partner said upon hearing this story, “this isn’t Mad Men, circa 1963.”  Although I can picture Don Draper and Roger Sterling at the photo shoot.  Indeed, we don’t live in the  “3-martini lunches and taking clients to strip clubs” era anymore. In light of the Harvey Weinstein & Bill Cosby fiascos and the #MeToo movement, this is not a good look for the burgundy and gold.

Of course, the team immediately released the usual cliche-filled statement, using words like “standards” and “professionalism”, at the same time taking down a feature from their website where viewers can rate the Redskins cheerleaders by appearance.

In light of the current atmosphere in this country, maybe it’s time we re-evaluate the need for cheerleaders at the NFL level. Do they really enhance our enjoyment of an NFL game. Do we really need to be told when to cheer? I’m a red-blooded male, but my answer here is “no.”

At best, the Redskins (and NFL cheerleaders in general) are great ambassadors for the team, often appearing at veterans functions and charitable events.  At worst, they are the embodiment of a stereotype that in 2018 women are trying to rid themselves of.

Who knew that this week the team name would be the second-most embarrassing about the Washington Redskins?

That’s it from the Booth! Happy Bloom and GO HORNETS!


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