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The Guardian Score Pilot Program

police radios

On Friday, September 23, 2022, the Front Royal Police Department will begin
a 120-day pilot program that will allow community members to rate their interaction with police
officers. Guardian Score is an anonymous digital survey designed to measure fairness,
professionalism, and communication skills that officers display during routine traffic stops, calls for
service, and any substantial interaction with citizens.
As part of the program, all Front Royal police officers will hand out business cards to each person
they have an interaction with, which includes being a victim, witness or offender of an incident or
traffic stop. The cards have a QR code on the back of the business card that can be scanned with
any smart phone and will send that person to a digital survey. Each card is linked to the officer
handing it out and can only be used one time.
The anonymous survey will ask the person to rate officers on their professionalism, listening skills,
fairness, and their ability to explain next steps. The results of the survey are delayed 5-7 days, at
which point police leaders and officers can check their dashboard to review their customer service
scores.    This provides another layer of anonymity.
Chief Kahle Magalis states, “We are excited to launch the Guardian Score initiative. It will give us
feedback on our customer service. This program provides a truly transparent metric on procedural
justice. It is not a complaint system and is not intended to determine whether or not a citizen “likes”
an officer, or police in general, but how we are doing with our communication and professionalism.”
Virginia Risk Sharing Association (VRSA) has provided the Front Royal Police Department the
necessary funding for the pilot program which will run through January 2023. Depending on how
successful this pilot program is within the community and available funding, we will decide whether
or not to continue.

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