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The VDWR warn of increased animal activity

The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (VDWR) sent out an email warning of  increased animal activity in the fall.

Autumn beings more activity from deer as it is breeding season for them.

They will be more active over the next couple of months more than any other time of the year.

Motorist will also be driving in the dark more and need to be aware of the animals.

Some recommendations from the VDWR include slowing down and be attentive particularly dusk to dawn.

If you do see one deer it is very likely that you will need to watch for at least one more as they travel together more often than alone.

Deer will also tend to travel the same paths so do watch for the deer crossing signs that are posted at their typical routes.

It is recommended that you apply brakes and stop if necessary to avoid hitting a deer but never swerve out of a lane to avoid a deer which could lead to hitting another vehicle or obstacle.

Should you hit a deer or bear it is important to notify law enforcement from the area in which the animal was struck right away.

If you should hit and kill a deer or bear and notify authorities, they may allow you to keep the animal after they give you a certificate of possession.

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