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20 August 2020 Views From The Booth Sports

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Greetings from The Booth!

Can you feel Fall slowly creeping in? I said slowly, but with cooler temperatures this week, the way the shadows fall, and shorter days, September can’t be far off…

It is usually about this time of year that I would be looking forward to football Media Day at Shenandoah University, a day where I get to hang out with the coaches and players and try to get a feel for the upcoming Hornets season. There’s nothing like the almost palpable anticipation of the first game, when everyone is undefeated and expectations are high.

Not this year, of course, as the pandemic has shut down D-3 football until sometime (hopefully) in 2021. So I wanted to let you know about something we’re doing on The River 95-3 in conjunction with SU Athletics to keep the spirit of football alive.

Starting the week of August 31st, you’ll hear Hornet Highlights segments and Hornet Spotlight features at certain times during the day. The Highlights segments will be one-minute vignettes about memorable games in the last 20 years of Shenandoah football. The Spotlight features will spotlight a current Hornet athlete who otherwise would have been playing this Fall.

In addition, my longtime football broadcast partner Scott Musa, who is also the Associate AD at Shenandoah, will join me once a week on my morning show to share some memories of past road trips (there are many) and memorable moments in SU sports history. Yes, I’d rather be behind the mic at Shentel Stadium, but this will be fun!

Now, some tidbits from your Washington NFL Team. Hopefully we can stop calling them that soon. It’s like calling Coke “soda pop.” It’s generic. The name Red Wolves seems to be gathering momentum and I’d have to say it’s at the top of my fave list. The name Red Wolves still ties into Native American heritage, and you could still keep the fight song, with a few minor changes to the lyrics. And some recent mock-ups of the potential new uniforms look really cool.
Let’s get this done sooner than later!

Finally, the Washington Football team made news this week by hiring the NFL’s first black president (and youngest president at 38) in Jason Wright. In addition to an extensive business background, Wright
played seven seasons in the NFL. There is some irony here, as Washington was the last NFL team to break the color barrier with Bobby Mitchell back in the day (Mitchell also became an assistant GM with Washington).

The challenges for Wright are many. He will be in charge of a 20-plus year team culture of an alleged toxic work environment, bad personnel moves, a revolving door of head coaches, and an ever-declining fan base. This is a nice first step for owner Dan Snyder in reversing all of the above. Putting race aside, it all comes down ultimately to job performance, and Wright has a tough task ahead.

Only time will tell if the Washington Football Team has hired the “Wright” man for the job…

Until next time from The Booth, “Hail WFT” and “GO HORNETS!”


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