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This Week In Shenandoah University Football: The D-Line

30 December 2020 Views From The Booth Sports

SU field oversight
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Greetings from The Booth!

In our final installment of “This Week In Shenandoah University Football,” yours truly and SU Associate AD Scott Musa highlight the Defensive Line, with a look back at some of the greats in Hornet football history who have stuffed the run and sacked opposing quarterbacks over the last 20 years.

We will be doing a final podcast next week to close things out, with an extended look at wide receivers, special teams, and coaches, so check the podcast section of our website for that.

And, in closing, a very special thanks to Rotz Pharmacy for their sponsorship of the TWISUF segments, and to all the former Hornet players who have relived their playing days through this feature. The response has been overwhelming!

Enjoy, and let’s hope we can get back into the Booth for real in 2021. GO HORNETS!


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