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Throwing shade VA program

Virginia Department of Forestry used by permission from VDF Communication Specialist Cory Swift-Turner

The Virginia Department of Forestry (DOF) is partnering with three Virginia nurseries to launch a new pilot program featuring discounts on native trees and shrubs.

“Throwing Shade VA” helps nurseries promote native trees through customer discounts of $25 on eligible trees valued at $50 or more.

Incentives to purchase native species of trees and shrubs, which are adapted to their natural environment and thus more likely to thrive.

Native plants offer environmental benefits than ornamental species and provide food and habitat for wildlife, especially essential pollinators.

Three nurseries responded to DOF’s request for participation in the pilot program.

Burke Nursery & Garden Centre (Burke), Woodstock Gardens (Woodstock) and Coastal Landscapes & Nursery (Virginia Beach) all volunteered to participate.

The program is funded through state water quality improvement funds, the DOF is using to reimburse the participating nurseries for the

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