The Front Royal Town Council will hold the following public hearings in the Warren County Government Center at 220 N. Commerce Ave., Front Royal, Virginia, on Monday, November 13, 2017 beginning at 7:00 p.m.:

  • Special Use Permit Application submitted by Seymour Robinson, on behalf of the owner, Allie Nichole LLC (Mark Smoot), for a request to modify the conditions of an existing special use permit that authorized an automobile garage on April 10, 2000 at 8 W. 14th Street, with seven conditions. The current application seeks to eliminate the condition that requires a wood fence in the left front yard of the garage that has since been removed. The property is located on Tax Map 20A2, Section 4, Block 56, Lots 9 – 12, and is zoned C-1 District, and within the Entrance Corridor.
  • Special Use Permit Application submitted by Dwight Dunton, Jr., owner of Tax Map 20A3, Section 4, Block 55, Lot 25, for a non-conforming lot in the R-1 District, located on the north side of E. 13th St near Warren Ave; requests authorization to build a new single-family dwelling on such lot, pursuant to Town Code 175-128.A. The lot has width of 50 ft and a lot area of 7,500 s.f.
  • An Ordinance to amend Chapter 158 “Vehicle and Traffic” of the Town of Front Royal Municipal Code by adding sections 158-54 – 158-69 to create a Joint Towing Board that considers applications of towing recovery businesses to be added to a towing list from which the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, Town of Front Royal Police Department and Virginia State Police can request a towing operator to perform towing services at the scene of an emergency or accident.
  • An Ordinance to amend Chapter 170 “Weeds and Debris” of the Town of Front Royal Municipal Code. If approved, the proposed modifications will improve the Town’s ability to effectively enforce regulations governing high grass and trash removal in a timely manner.
  • An Ordinance to amend Chapter 66 of the Town of Front Royal Municipal Code that would authorize tethering for dogs and other canines by meeting certain requirements; to prohibit certain tethering practices for dogs and other canines; and to set the penalty for violating the ordinance.
  • Consideration of a conveyance by the Town to the Warren County School Board of a 28’ x 425.14’ strip of land, containing 0.27 acres, more or less, lying east of Acton Street and west of and adjacent to the Ressie Jefferies Elementary School, for no consideration.

All interested persons are invited to attend these hearings to express their views.