6 July 2018 Views From The Booth Sports

Winchester PrintersGreetings from The Booth!

As we move past the mythical halfway point of the Summer, I hope everyone had a great and safe Fourth of July. With this week’s triple-digit heat indexes, Fall seems a long way off, but soon the Booth will be prepping for a 19th season of Shenandoah University football…and I can’t wait!

Speaking of the heat and humidity, I got up this past Wednesday morning, and decided to run in the annual Liberty 5k at Jim Barnett Park in Winchester, an event in which I’ve participated
on and off for many years. Now, I’ve never run in Dante’s Seventh Circle, but I imagine Wednesday was the nearest thing. About a mile into the race, folks must have mistaken me for Nancy Kerrigan, because I was shouting “Why?!?”over and over. Probably the hottest conditions I’ve ever experience for a race. Still, I finished, and although my overall time was not what I wanted, I did finish in the top 200 out of almost 400 runners. All in all, hats off to the Shenandoah Valley Runners Club and the many race-day sponsors for a top-notch event!

Well, I was all prepared last night to write this blog post about the Washington Nationals lost season, when a funny thing happened. Down 9-0 to the Miami Marlins and looking at yet another “Curly L”, the Nats pulled off the biggest comeback in team history with a wild 14-12 victory. Early in the game
, it looked like a closed-door, players-only meeting held a day earlier was going to have a reverse effect on a team that has been in a Summer-long malaise. But somehow, someway, the Nats found a way.

When all is said and done, this is the kind of win that may on paper look like an insignificant victory against an inferior opponent in early July. In reality, it’s the kind of win that can change the fortunes of a team. The baseball gods are fickle, and the smallest things can completely change the complexion of a season: a 2-out walk that keeps an inning alive, a bad-hop grounder, a seemingly meaningless solo home run that gives a ballclub hope…you get the idea. A series of small things last night quite possibly revived a Nationals team that was dead in the water.

Only time will tell if last night’s improbable victory will be the springboard to a Nationals 180-degree reversal. But should the Nats win their 5th N-L Eastern Division title in 7 years, we may very well look back at July 5th, 2018 as the day that a season was saved.

That’s it from the Booth! Until next time…stay cool, GO NATS, and GO HORNETS!


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