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Frederick Co. Schools Respond to Social Media Threats

11 October 2018 News

Both James Wood and Millbrook high schools increased their security presence after social media threats posted from students.

Frederick County Public Schools spokesman Steve Edwards was quoted as saying that school officials became aware of a James Wood social media threat on Tuesday night, and a Millbrook threat on Wednesday morning. While he didn’t describe the James Wood threat, he said that the Millbrook threat came in the form of an Instagram post, in which the student declared “One day this school is gonna see what I can do… I’m going to make sure many people are [expletive] dead that come in my path to stop me.”

Frederick County Sheriff Lenny Millholland said that the homes of both students who were accused of making threats were searched, and no guns were found. Extra deputies patrolled those two schools on Wednesday as well in an effort to calm parents and students.

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