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United Way Celebrates Conclusion Of 2018 Campaign

18 January 2019 News Uncategorized

United Way of Northern Shenandoah Valley held a celebratory conclusion to their 2018 Campaign yesterday, January 17. Community members and businesses across the Northern Shenandoah Valley who generously contributed through workplace campaigns, special events, and individual gifts for the fundraising campaign, gathered to celebrate the incredible total raised locally in 2018. In 2017, United Way NSV raised $1,050,051. An aggressive goal of $1,086,000 was set for the 2018 year, with the campaign concluding on December 31st, 2018. After the goal was set, United Way learned of a handful of corporate-level changes made outside of the area by key campaign contributors. The result of these changes would equal an estimated $70,000 donation deficit toward the 2018 campaign. Since learning about the changes in these key campaigns, United Way NSV started working to close that $70,000 gap while also attempting to increase local fundraising to continue striving towards the 1.086 million-dollar mark.

“On top of the $36,000 goal increase for 2018 over 2017’s endpoint, we have been working
tirelessly to close a $70,000 gap in fundraising estimated this year” said Wilborn Roberson, 2018
Campaign Chair. “We have seen an increased need across the board in our grant programs, with requests coming in 38% higher than the previous year, and with grant funding request amounts at nearly double
what was available to give out in our last giving cycle. Because of this increased need, we continue to strive to raise more than ever and to meet the community needs head-on” Said Nadine Pottinga, United Way CEO. At the First Public Report Meeting on October 26, 2018, United Way NSV reported having
raised $673,111 or having fulfilled 62 % of the goal, which was up from the previous year at the same time when $587,048 or 53.4% of the goal was raised. With one month left in the fundraising campaign at the Second Public Report, United Way NSV had raised $845,364 or 78% of the goal, which is also ahead of the totals at the same time last year of $808,271 or 73.5% to goal.

“At United Way, we have an incredible team and campaign cabinet that should be very proud of
their efforts. We have been able to consistently stay ahead of our previous year comparable
numbers and increase our overall local dollars raised. I am confident moving forward we will
continue to close the gap” Nadine Pottinga said. At the present-time, United Way NSV is pleased to announce a campaign fundraising total for 2018 of $1,060,015, a more than $10,000 increase from the previous year. In addition, United Way was also able to secure several grants from sources outside of the campaign, bringing in an additional $70,000 for the programmatic efforts at Valley Assistance Network, a program of United Way NSV. This programmatic funding was earmarked for Valley Assistance Network’s efforts, and therefore was not included in the fundraising totals. This brings United Way NSV’s total funds raised to $1,130,015, all of which will help to serve the community in 2018 and beyond.

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