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“Unity In The Community”

15 June 2018 Views From The Booth Sports

Winchester PrintersGreetings From The Booth!

As we enter Father’s Day weekend, here is your friendly reminder from the Booth to honor the man who offered such sage advice as “pull my finger” and “go ask your mother.”

A snapshot of the sports landscape shows the Washington Nationals in second place, a game and a half behind the Braves in the N-L East. The Nats are hanging in, as Adam Eaton and Daniel Murphy have rejoined the team, and 19-year old phenom Juan Soto continues to play with a maturity beyond his years.

The US Open golf tournament enters day two as of this post, and the winner on day one was the golf course. Only 4 players, including world number-one Dustin Johnson, were able to shoot under-par rounds Thursday. Phil Mickleson, Tiger Woods, and Jordan Speith all shot in the high 70’s, and may not play the weekend. I actually like watching the world’s top players looking like me & you on our Saturday and Sunday rounds. BTW, how long are we going to continue to drink the Tiger Woods Kool-Aid? Every tournament, his name is included in the updates, whether he’s contending or not. Breaking news: we’re not watching the early 2000’s Tiger. This is a mortal 2018 version, who can’t putt very well. I honestly don’t see him winning another major. I’m usually not one to blame the media for the woes of the world, but please, enough “All Tiger, All The Time!”

How cool was the Capitals Stanley Cup celebration earlier this week? The National Mall was a sea of red as thousands converged on the Nation’s Capital. The Capitals made the celebration one for the people, as they chugged “soda pops”, dropped some expletives, and danced and sang to Queen’s “We Are The Champions.”

Owner Ted Leonsis spoke about “Unity In The Community,” while Caps Coach Barry Trotz talked to the crowd about diversity. Nothing bonds an area like a sports championship, and the title-starved DC area fans came together as one, forgetting political and other differences, if only for a brief time. Strangers who otherwise would agree on nothing, were hugging, high five-ing, and reveling in Washington’s first sports championship since 1992.

At it’s best, this is what sports does. Trotz spoke about the diverse nature of his Capitals team, noting that the squad is made up of Americans, Finns, Canadians, Russians, Czechs,etc., who all came together to achieve a common goal. There’s a larger lesson in there, somewhere.

(Incidentally, isn’t it somewhat ironic that at a time when Russians are mentioned in the news every other day, that Alex Ovechkin, a Russian, is Washington’s biggest sports hero?)

At some point, probably when the DC sun hit’s triple digits, we’ll go back to our bickering and political infighting, and this Rock The Red party will fade in the heat and humidity of the Washington Summer.

But isn’t it great to see what we could be?

That’s it from the Booth. Until next time, GO DADS, GO CAPS, and GO HORNETS!


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