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VH sues insurer to recoup over $11 million in back payments

An email from Valley Health confirms that the Health system is suing an insurer to recoup $11.4 million in back payments.

On Oct.13 Valley Health Systems filed the papers in the City of Winchester Circuit Court against Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, now known as Elevance Health.

The lawsuit includes two counts of Breach of Contract and Violation of the Virginia Ethics and Fairness in Carrier Business Practices Act.

The filing follows two years of  VH quietly attempting to resolve significant reimbursement issues from Anthem Elevance for healthcare services provided.

VH felt that legal action was their only recourse against the insurer to recoup the funds owed.

The action taken by VH will in no way affect the service provided to the communities and patients they serve.

The nonprofit healthcare provider is simply trying to recoup the $11.4 million owed by one of the country’s largest healthcare insurers.

Where Anthem Elevance Health saw $6.1 Billion in profit in 2021 VH continues to struggle, especially with the delay in payment from the insurer.

VH will continue to provide the care that is expected and is deserved to their patients at all of their facilities no matter the out come.

Indiana, Georgia, Maine, Wisconsin as well as Virginia all have filed similar suits against the insurer.

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