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Virginia and the eclipse of the sun April 8

Virginia is in the position to see a partial solar eclipse April 8 when the moon blocks part of the sun and creates a temporary darkening of the sky.

If you plan to watch the eclipse several Virginia agencies are reminding you to do so safely.

Virginia State Police are reminding viewers to wear safe solar viewer glasses.

Some eclipse viewing glasses have strong warnings about prolonged use of the glasses.

Sunglasses are not safe as solar viewing glasses are thousands of times darker.

Virginia Department of Transportation does not recommend wearing solar eclipse viewing glasses while driving.

They ask that you keep your eyes on the road during the eclipse.

Do not pull over to the side of the road or use an exit to view the eclipse.

Stop at a safe place and exit the vehicle cautiously.

The sun will be very bright before and especially after the eclipse.

Protective clothing and sunscreen is recommended by the Virginia Department of Health.

In Virginia we are likely to see approximately 80 to 85 percent of the effect which should produce a twilight like effect.

Several watch parties are scheduled locally Samuels Public Library’s event begins at 1:45 p.m.

The Shenandoah National Park is recommending open spots on the Skyline Drive as watch locations like Big Meadows or an overlook.

The Raymond R. Andy Guest Shenandoah River State Park will offer a watch party starting around 2.

Scientists will be making observations of outdoor animals to see the effect in fact NASA wants feedback.

Syracuse University recommends keeping a close eye on horses and cows to ensure they are pinned in as a precaution.

Another observation will be made of nocturnal animals that may become active during the eclipse.

Animals that are kept indoors are likely not to be affected by the eclipse, but scientists are still monitoring the effects on animals.

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