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Virginia Department of Health hiring contact tracers

16 May 2020 Covid19 News

The Virginia Department of Health is now hiring contact tracers in order to better fight COVID-19. Contact tracers work with a COVID-19 patient to help them recall everyone they may have had close contact with while infected. Exposed individuals are then informed of potential infection and advised to take precautionary measures. The Virginia Department of Health is hiring 1300 people throughout different districts and regions, and is looking for contact tracers, case investigators, testing coordinators and more. Applicants must have an understanding of medical terms and the principles of exposure and infection, good interpersonal communication skills and resourcefulness to be able to contact hard-to-reach individuals. If you are interested and want to help out, more information can be found here.

Contact tracing is a key strategy for preventing further spread of COVID-19. It is part of the process of supporting patients and stopping chains of transmission. As Virginia begins to reopen, isolating outbreaks is the optimal way to proceed.

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