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Volunteer Fire Fighter Blames Fire-Damage to Home on Lack of Funding

9 April 2018 News

The 30-year volunteer of the Front Royal Fire Department who lost part of his home to a blaze on Easter Sunday is now speaking out against a lack of funding in rescue services.

David Santmyers was enjoying Easter dinner at his father’s house when he noticed flames coming from his home at around 3:20 p.m. in the afternoon and notified Warren County Fire and Rescue Services. Fire Marshal Gerry Maiatico was quoted as saying that the fire destroyed one side of the house and the back deck.  Damages were estimated at around $300,000 to the structure and $400,000 to its contents.

David Santmyers is arguing that the fire should have been contained to two bedrooms, but that the county’s fire services are underfunded. He blamed in particular County Administrator Doug Stanley; Stanley, however, was quoted as saying that Fire and Rescue “probably has the largest increase of any department.” The County Administrator cited the budget increase, a new $5.5 million dollar radio system upgrade for the Rivermont station, and the addition of four career staff positions as examples of the board’s dedication to emergency services.

David Santmyers will appear at the Board of Supervisors’ budget meeting on the night of Tuesday, April 10th at 7 p.m. to voice his concerns.

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