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VSP Canine Officer requires emergency treatment during SABF

VSP official patch and logo used by permission by Information Officer Brent Coffey

Virginia State Police (VSP) report that a Canine Officer named Ava took ill during the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival (SABF) the night of May 6.

According to Virginia State Police Information Officer Sergeant Brent Coffey Ava is doing well and recovering at the home of her handler.

The explosive sniffing canine officer was on the job when she suddenly was struck with an unspecified illness that had nothing to do with Apple Blossom.

The Canine just happened to fall ill at the festival.

Ava was rushed to a veterinarian’s office in Hagerstown Maryland and underwent emergency surgery on her stomach.

All involved in the incident indicate that she is in full recovery and is expected to be back to work soon.

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