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W.VA. State Trooper is seriously injured in a crash

West Virginia state seal. Used by written permission by Chief Deputy and Chief of Staff of West Virginia Chuck Flannery

A West Virginia State Police Trooper (WVASP) is recovering from a  serious injury after a crash Tuesday March 26.

The Trooper stationed with the Berkeley Springs detachment of the State Police collided with a dump truck with no taillights.

According to the Morgan Messenger Corporal J. A. Padilla suffered a serious head injury in the collision while traveling on Cacapon Road.

In the aftermath of the crash Morgan County Sheriff’s Deputy B. Knotts heard Padilla on the radio slurring his words and sounding dazed and confused.

Knotts notified Emergency Medical Personnel and set out to find Padilla.

The Trooper was found standing in the road looking confused.

Knotts and Medical personnel took Padilla to his cruiser which showed heavy front-end damage.

Padilla had blood coming from above his eyebrow and was treated for a severe head injury.

The driver of the dump truck Carlton W. Vangosen of Great Cacapon was found to be under the influence of drugs,

Vangosen was also found to be without a driver’s license or insurance did nothing to help the Trooper.

A passenger in the dump truck who fled the scene was found approximately 3 miles away from the crash.

Both Vangosen and the man who fled, Nick Kidwell, are facing several charges with more expected as the investigation continues.

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