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Warren Board Congratulates New Members

12 November 2019 Front Royal/Warren County News

November 12, 2019

FRONT ROYAL – The Warren County Board of Supervisors congratulated their newest members during their last meeting. They also discussed a new system of budgeting for the fiscal year.

The Board’s Nov. 5 meeting began as usual. The Warren BoS passed their agenda without any hitches and heard a report from the Virginia Cooperative Extension that was mostly positive regarding recent events. The only worry in the report was over the Spotted Lanternfly outbreak in Frederick and Clarke Counties.

Three prior meeting’s minutes were approved, as was the entire consent agenda. Those interested can view each item in the consent agenda online. Some of the highlights include road renamings and holiday decorations requests.

Each member of the Board of Supervisors took a moment to congratulate the winners of the 2019 Virginia Elections, including some of those who defeated incumbent Board members. Shenandoah District Board Member Tom Sayre was defeated in his race against Walter J. Mabe. Sayre was gracious in defeat, and also added that he was keeping to his pledge to pay for his own criminal defense in a recently dismissed Warren Circuit Court case.

County Administrator Doug Stanley then explained a new form of budgeting for the upcoming 2020-21 Fiscal Year. The County will change to “0-based” budgeting for that fiscal year. Every line item in the budget will begin with a value of $0, and each item dollar will need to be justified for it to be allotted. It is another way the County is trying to remain fiscally responsible and transparent in the wake of the Front Royal/Warren County Economic Development Authority scandal.

Chairman Daniel Murray, Jr. called on residents to come out and witness the process of budgeting for a fiscal year. He has reiterated the thought that it is valuable for locals to understand how everything is paid for and planned on in a yearly budget in several BoS meetings.


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