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Warren Board Latest to Discuss 2A Resolution

10 December 2019 Front Royal/Warren County News

December 10, 2019

FRONT ROYAL – The Warren County Board of Supervisors will hold a special meeting tonight to discuss a possible declaration of a Second Amendment sanctuary in the county.

The Board has a regular meeting scheduled this morning at 9 am. The special meeting was added following discussion about a formal resolution to declare Warren as a Second Amendment sanctuary. 44 counties and two towns across Virginia have already approved resolution as of last week. Last week it was brought to the attention of the Strasburg Town Council and the Frederick County Board of Supervisors.

The full resolution that was submitted to the Warren County Board for analysis and discussion can be found online. The resolution quotes several Supreme Court decisions and Constitutional Amendments that justify the declaration of a Second Amendment sanctuary.

The resolutions that have been approved throughout the state stem from comments by Governor Ralph Northam. After Democrats took control of the full state legislature of Virginia (House, Senate and Governor’s Office) following the most recent Nov. elections, Northam explained that new gun control measures would be a legislative priority for state officials.

If the Board does approve a declaration of a Second Amendment sanctuary, it is possible that it will not legally change anything with regards to how laws are applied in the County. Virginia is a “Dillon’s Rule” state. The rule applies to most of the states in the Union, and was created from a 1886 Iowa Supreme Court ruling by Judge John F. Dillon. The rule limits the power of county and local governments, and allows state governments to superceded them.

In addition to discussing a resolution for a Second Amendment sanctuary, the Warren Board will discuss a second resolution to declare the county as a Constitutional County. This resolution would support the initial one, including similar language derived from court decisions and Constitutional articles and Amendments. The backbone resolution reaffirms that the declaration of a Second Amendment sanctuary is to follow the U.S. Constitution to the letter.

The special meeting takes place at 7 pm in the Warren County High School Auditorium.


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