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Warren County Discusses Redrawing Boundary

5 September 2018 News

Warren County’s Board of Supervisors is discussing a proposed boundary change to the county after discovering a cluster of Warren properties that are actually within Clarke County’s borders.

The discovery was made after the Virginia Department of Elections asked for updated county data from Warren officials; Global Information System technology revealed that nine Shenandoah Farms sanitary district homes, two lots, and the Shenandoah Farms Volunteer Fire Department are actually on Clarke soil. Residents in that area had been believed to be a part of Warren County since the 1970s; they have paid taxes and been assessed there since that time.

Warren Supervisors took the first steps during yesterday’s work session to adjust the boundary, and align the perception of the district’s location with legal reality; however, redrawing the lines will require Clarke County approval and a public hearing. Citizens in the disputed area will likely now have to cast their ballots in Clarke County as well, regardless of any upcoming changes.

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